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Green Health Alliance is designed to serve as a catalyst and platform to drive this collaboration for impactful outcomes for strong and resilient health ecosystems and affirmative climate action. It seeks to bring together key actors from the private and public sectors, to collaborate for climate action in health in India.

The Green Health Alliance (GHA) is conceived as an action-oriented alliance of diverse stakeholders that are united by a common vision of supporting climate resilience in the health ecosystem. The alliance is supported by USAID, Rockefeller Foundation, Asian Development Bank and the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India, and incubated and hosted by the Catalyst Group. Founded as a part of our work at COVIDActionCollab.

The emerging story of GHA

Mission: Mitigating and adapting to the effects of climate change on health and food systems.

Vision: A thriving world powered by resilient communities and climate-neutral systems.

Values/Underlying Principles:

  • Community-centered and inclusion driven by shaping of priorities for the most vulnerable, equity-focused with non-partisan approaches.
  • Evidence-informed decision making to facilitate policy and action leading to impact.
  • Embrace diversity through multidisciplinary, multi-faceted, multi-stakeholder collaboration and collective action.
  • Global in outlook and adoption, localized in strategies and solutions.


  • Shape investments, policy, and practice among the health and food ecosystems’ investors, implementers, and policymakers on the harmful effects of the emissions.
  • Encourage climate action, like the use of renewable energy, promotion of circularity of plastic use.
  • Incubate and support innovations including organizing grand challenges amongst health and food ecosystem players.
  • Host platforms for sharing and learning from promising solutions on green health.
  • Provide need-based technical assistance to cities and facilities partnering in the green/planet health alliance.

The Launch

As part of the launch event (on 26th April,2022 at New Delhi) we are bringing together a carefully curated group of leaders from across industry, government, health professions, and academia; to meet and explore partnerships across a broad agenda of climate mitigation, adaptation and disaster preparedness in the health system in the country.

Click here for GHA Agenda.


Composition: Representatives of the Catalyst Group, as may be appointed by them from time to time.

Functions: (i) Take all strategic decisions for the GHA subject to the investment decisions being approved by the Investment Committee; and (ii) Execute and coordinate operations of the GHA.


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