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“I/We fully realise the influence of climate change on health and its systems and the effect of health systems on the environment is an undeniable and complex challenge that requires a synergistic, integrated, and collaborative approach.

As a member of the Green Health Alliance, I/We pledge our support to collaborate for climate action in health in India, through diverse private and public sector stakeholders to accelerate and amplify climate mitigation, adaptation, and disaster preparedness in the health ecosystem, with a focus on women and communities in resource-limited settings.


Membership avenues, benefits & charter

Bees of a hive have different roles and responsibilities, but together they make things work. With brains the size of sesame seeds, honeybees have to work together in different capacities to maintain a healthy nest. Similarly, we at GHA are looking for like-minded partners that are ready to collaborate by way of their thought leadership, resources, and ground interventions to accelerate and amplify climate mitigation, adaptation, and disaster preparedness in the health ecosystem.

We also understand that each partner is unique in what it will bring to the alliance. While some will work on awareness building, there will be others who will bring in advocacy support, knowledge sharing, community-based interventions, or funds to further the objectives of GHA.



Access to specially designed materials and merchandise for workplace and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects on climate action and health

  • Technical support in designing your CSR projects/Workplace interventions.
  • Training for your project team/NGO partners in climate change and health.
  • Support in monitoring and documentation of outputs, achievements, and learnings.
  • Coordination support with district and state health & environment departments.
  • Recognition at national and international forums.
  • Support in demonstrating models.
  • Support in high visibility.